The “Osaka Bio Headquarters”, which is a strategic base to further develop bio related industry in Osaka, is striving to develop a bio cluster of medical supplies and equipment based on the “Osaka Bio Strategy”, a comprehensive strategic plan by the industry, academia and government.

  With the aim of making Osaka, especially North Osaka, a world top-class bio cluster by 2018, the entire Osaka is advancing a strategic approach by enhancing the support to bio ventures, streamlining the development process of new medical supplies and equipment, industrialization of research seeds, and promotion of alliances etc. through the operation of the Osaka Bio Fund and human resource matching project etc.


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 Osaka Bio Headquarters helps local bio ventures to expand their presence around the world and promotes international exchange activities with overseas biomedical clusters in the hope that such events provide foreign companies with opportunities to establish their businesses in Osaka.
  If you need more information about Northern Osaka Biomedical Cluster or wish to visit some of the institutions and facilities of the cluster, please contact to Osaka Bio Headquarters.